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The Maryland Green Travel Program

Joining the Maryland Green Travel Program provides businesses a FREE, high profile way to promote their environmental best practices, as well as share their innovative ideas.
We recommend downloading a copy of the Maryland Green Travel Master Checklis before starting the online application. This is NOT an editable form. This document is provided to assist in evaluating whether your property meets the program requirements and in gathering as much information and data as possible prior to beginning the application process online. Taking the time in advance to gather this information will save you time when completing the online application.

  • Maryland Green Travel Master Checklist
  (*.pdf form)

Maryland Green Travel Partners are:

  • Identified on and in Destination Maryland with a Maryland Green Travel Partner Logo.
  • Provided with a Green Profile page, linked to their Partner Logo, boasting all of the business's green practices.
  • Granted use of the Maryland Green Travel Partner logo for promotional use.
  • Automatically listed on the Maryland Green Registry website.

To join, applicants must self-certify that they are practicing certain basic core environmental activities relative to their industry sector. Additionally, participants must commit to strive to improve their environmental performance over time and report back on their progress yearly.

Here's what you have to do:

STEP 1.    Provide basic information about your property
      (business name, address, phone, contact information, etc)
STEP 2.    Provide a logo for use in your Green Profile (optional)
STEP 3.    Complete the application confirming that your business
                meets core environmental requirements and committing
                to improvements.

1. Have an Environmental Policy Statement
2. Have a plan to reduce property waste
3. Recycle
4. Have a plan to reduce energy usage
5. Must have a plan to reduce water usage
6. Provide optional linen service and train staff on the process
    - required for Accommodations only (except campgrounds)
7. Recycle grease (if produced)
    - required for Restaurants only
8. Minimize the impact of disposable food service items (if used)
    - required for Restaurants and Attractions
9. Support Green Events (if offered)
10. Provide a Measurable Result

STEP 4.    Confirm the application is correct and submit

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Maryland Green Travel

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Please contact Catherine Batavick at
or 410-767-6342 if you have any
questions regarding the
application process