Annapolis Sailing Cruises: Schooner Woodwind
80 Compromise St
Annapolis, MD 21401
Central Maryland
We believe that the Chesapeake Bay must be treasured. We are committed to showing visitors how to help the Bay and lead by example with our green efforts.
Management and Leadership
We use the following best management practices:
Waste Reduction
We use the following best management practices:
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property waste
Guest Rooms
bulletUse real coffee mugs and no polystyrene products
bulletInstruct housekeeping to save and reuse unopened items
Kitchen and Prep / Dining / Catering / Meetings and Events / Campground Snack Bar
bulletUse effective food inventory control to minimize waste
bulletDo not use polystyrene coffee cups
bulletUse disposable food service items are eco-friendly - polystyrene is avoided
bulletIf disposable containers are used, they are made from - bio-based materials, recycled content, and/or compostable material
bulletUse bulk soap dispensers in public restrooms
Registration / Office
bulletPurchase recycled paper with a high percentage recycled content
bulletMake 2-sided copies / printed materials and avoid making extra copies
bulletUse recycled content paper for copies / printed materials
bulletUse refillable pens and toner cartridges
bulletReuse scrap paper for notes
Buildings and Grounds
bulletUse green cleaning chemicals
bulletPurchase durable equipment and furniture
We have bins that are labeled "recycling" and "trash".
We are recycling:
bulletAluminium Cans
bulletElectronics equipment
bulletFluorescent Lamps
bulletOffice Paper
bulletPrinter and copy machine toner cartridges
bulletSteel Cans
Water Conservation
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property water usage
Energy Efficiency
We use the following best management practices:
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property energy usage
bulletTrack overall energy bills and establish baseline energy usage
bulletHave a numeric goal to reduce energy usage over time
Energy Efficiency:
bulletPurchase Green Power from utility
Our Innovative Ideas and Specifics in Energy Conservation and Efficiency
bulletPurchase our power for our office from wind power, Clean Currents.
Linen Service and Laundry:
We use these best management practices:
bulletProvide optional linen service - Change linens only upon request
bulletTrain staff on the process for optional linen service
bulletUse linen service providers that employ wet versus dry cleaning
Minimize Disposable Food Service Items
We use the following best management practices:
bulletUse disposable foodservice items made from bio-based, renewable materials (corn, bamboo, etc.)
bulletUse disposable foodservice items made with recycled content
bulletUse recyclable foodservice items and actively recycle them
Green Events
We use the following best management practices:
bulletUse ideas set forth in Maryland Green Travel's Checklist for Planning Green Events
bulletSupport event planners who want to hold green events
Measurable Results
In 2013, the recycling rate for the cruise and overnight cabin operations was 83% with totals of 2,835 lbs of trash and 13,802 lbs of recycling. The recycling rate for the office operations was 60% with totals of 520 lbs of trash and 777 lbs of recycling.