Hilton Garden Inn-Waldorf
10385 O'Donnell Place
Waldorf, MD 20603
Southern Maryland
Sustainability is a brand standard for Hilton Garden Inn hotels. It is our culture to conserve to pr
Management and Leadership
We use the following best management practices:
bullet Environment Policy Statement:
bulletEnvironmental Team: General Manager, Director of Sales, Front Desk Manager, Director of Maintenance and Director of housekeeping. Sustainability is on the weekly manager's agenda. We review our commitment, our policies and our goals.
bulletSet Annual Goals: Hilton has provided a detailed roadmap as a brand. We are a part of Hilton's Light Stay program, outlined at https://onqinsider.hilton.com/Insider/CMS/Default.aspx?channel=/Departments/Sustainability, and is part of our complete hotel culture.
bulletWe have a purchasing policy to encourage the purchase of environmentally-friendly products and services
bulletList of our environmentally friendly products and services: Environmentally friendly lighting, washing products, cleaning products.
bulletEnvironmental Restoration or Community Environmental Projects: A lake is across the street from the property where we are involved monthly in a cleanup campaign.
bulletIndependently Audited Environmental Management System: Hilton's Light Stay initiative - detailed sustainability guidelines and structures are followed daily.
Waste Reduction
We use the following best management practices:
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property waste
bulletTrack overall waste bills and established baseline data for quantity of wastes produced
Guest Rooms
bulletUse real coffee mugs and no polystyrene products
bulletInstruct housekeeping to save and reuse unopened items
Kitchen and Prep / Dining / Catering / Meetings and Events / Campground Snack Bar
bulletUse an effective food inventory control to minimize waste
bulletPurchase locally grown produce and other foods
bulletDo not use polystyrene coffee cups
bulletIf disposable containers are used, they are made from - bio-based materials, recycled content, and/or compostable material
bulletProvide condiments, cream and sugar, etc. in bulk
bulletUse water pitches and filtered water to minimize the use of single-use bottles
bulletUse menus and table placards as opportunity to communicate green activities
bulletUse Maryland Green Travel logo or other emblem to indicate organic, local or sustainable menu choices
bulletUse screen-based ordering systems
bulletUse bulk soap dispensers in public restrooms
bulletPurchase recycled-content paper towels and toilet paper
Registration / Office
bulletUse a last-in/first-out inventory and effective labeling systems
bulletUse electronic correspondence and forms
bulletPurchase from vendors and service providers with a commitment to the environment
bulletMake 2-sided copies / printed materials and avoid making extra copies
Buildings and Grounds
bulletUse green cleaning chemicals
bulletDispense cleaning agents in bulk to reduce quantities used
bulletPurchase durable equipment and furniture
bulletProperly recycle and/or dispose of thinners and solvents - required by EPA-RCRA regulations
Our Innovative Ideas and Specifics in Waste Reduction:
bulletThe Hilton Light Stay program is a comprehensive initiative dealing with sustainability and best practices designed for conservation and preservation.
Recycle bins in common areas, business center, and vending areas.
We are recycling:
bulletAluminium Cans
bulletFluorescent Lamps
bulletOffice Paper
bulletSteel Cans
Water Conservation
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property water usage
bulletTrack water bills and established baseline data on water usage and wastewater generation
bulletHave a numeric goal to reduce water consumption over time
bulletPerform preventative maintenance to stop drips and leaks
bulletUse water-flow metering to discover leaks and areas of high use
bulletDiscourage water-based cleanup, ie. sweep first
Use or installed the following devices:
bulletlow flow restrictors on faucets and showerheads
bulletlow flow toilets (1.6 gpf or less)
bulletwaterless urinals
bulletcomposting toilets
bulletautomatic or sensored faucets or toilets in public restrooms
bullethigh efficiency Energy-Star rated dishwashers
Energy Efficiency
We use the following best management practices:
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property energy usage
bulletTrack overall energy bills and establish baseline energy usage
bulletHave a numeric goal to reduce energy usage over time
bulletHave had an energy audit to identify efficiency opportunities
bulletHave an energy management system in place to track and meter energy usage
bulletDesigned use of natural lighting
bulletUse lighting sensors to turn on/off lights
bulletUse occupancy sensors to turn on/off lights
bulletUse high efficiency compact fluorescent light bulbs in rooms, canned lighting or wherever possible
bulletUse LED Exit Signs
bulletUse LED lighting for:common areas and guest rooms
Heating and Cooling
bulletUse ceiling fans
Energy Efficiency:
bulletPurchased ENERGY STAR computers, appliances, office equipments etc.
bulletPurchased Green Tags or Renewable Energy Certificates to support new renewable energy resources
Linen Service and Laundry:
We use these best management practices:
bulletProvide optional linen service - Change linens only upon request
bulletTrain house cleaners on the process for optional linen service
bulletHave signage in each room explaining the linen reuse procedures
bulletPurchase water- and energy-efficient washers and dryers
bulletUse linens service providers that employ wet versus dry cleaning
Our Innovative Ideas and Specifics for Laundry and Linen Service:
bulletThree difference conservation requests are posted in each of our 130 guest rooms.
Green Events
We use the following best management practices:
bulletSupport event planners who want to hold green events
bulletTrain all staff event planners on green event techniques
Other Green Practices
We use the following best management practices:
bulletMinimize the Comute of our Employees-Staff frequently car-pools with fellow employees
bulletAddressing Efficient Business Travel-Local shuttle is used when there are multiple guests going to the same venue
For guests:
bulletProvide electric charging stations
bulletOur innovative ideas to minimize the impact of Transportation:We are the only hotel in our county with electric charging stations (2)
Green Building:
Our Innovative Ideas and Specifics regarding our Green Building techniques:
bulletOur hotel was completed in 2010 and used the most recent Green Building standards
Measurable Results
All lights in the common areas and guest rooms have been equipped with LED energy saving bulbs. We anticipate a yearly savings of between $1200 and $1800.