Annapolis Marriott Waterfront Hotel
80 Compromise St
Annapolis, MD 21401
Central Maryland
From our location on the Chesapeake Bay, the Annapolis Marriott Waterfront is well aware of our prec
Management and Leadership
We use the following best management practices:
bulletEnvironment Policy Statement
bulletEnvironmental Team: Colleen Huther, General Manager. Green Champion: Shabnam Bastansiar, Assistant to the General Manager/Sales Coordinator/HR Assistant. The green team works closely together to continue with its eco initiatives on a daily basis. The team meets with all green teams of Thayer Lodging Group Hotels on a monthly conference call to exchange ideas, new initiatives, and to track current initiatives in place.
bulletSet Annual Goals: Thayer Lodging tracks all of its hotels environmental impacts mostly through a comparison of Energy Star ratings with previous years.
bulletWe have a purchasing policy to encourage the purchase of environmentally-friendly products and services
bulletList of our environmentally friendly products and services: Uniforms made of recycled materials for the Front Desk staff purchased from Cintas. Recycled paper purchased from Office Depot. CFL light bulbs. Save the Planet Linen Cards. Ecolab Solar Brite detergent for Laundry. Hybrid Only Parking.
bulletEnvironmental Restoration or Community Environmental Projects: Shabnam Bastansiar attended a week-long fellowship with HSBC Environmental Stewardship program with Earth Watch Institute and the Smithsonian to assist scientists in a long-term research on the effects of CO2 on plants in Maryland at SERC.
Waste Reduction
We use the following best management practices:
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property waste
Guest Rooms
bulletInstruct housekeeping to save and reuse unopened items
Kitchen and Prep / Dining / Catering / Meetings and Events / Campground Snack Bar
bulletUse reusable dishware and glassware and minimize use of disposables
bulletUse non-bleached napkins and coffee filters
bulletUse water pitchers and filtered water to minimize the use of single-use bottles
bulletUse bulk soap dispensers in public restrooms
bulletPurchase recycled-content paper towels and toilet paper
Registration / Office
bulletUse electronic correspondence and forms
bulletPurchase from vendors and service providers with a commitment to the environment
bulletMake 2-sided copies / printed materials and avoid making extra copies
Buildings and Grounds
bulletUse green cleaning chemicals
bulletDispense cleaning agents in bulk to reduce quantities used
bulletPurchase durable equipment and furniture
bulletReuse paint thinners
bulletProperly recycle and/or dispose of thinners and solvents - required by EPA regulations
bulletPerform preventative maintenance on all appliances, HVAC systems, plumbing and vehicles
bulletUse less toxic materials
bulletUse integrated pest management - IPM
bulletMinimize the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers in landscaping
We have clearly marked recycling bins or provide convenient drop off locations.
We are recycling:
bulletAluminium Cans
bulletFluorescent Lamps
bulletOffice Paper
bulletPrinter and copy machine toner cartridges
bulletSteel Cans
Water Conservation
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property water usage
bulletPerform preventative maintenance to stop drips and leaks
Use or installed the following devices:
bulletlow flow restrictors on faucets and showerheads
bulletlow flow toilets (1.6 gpf or less)
bulletwaterless urinals
bulletcomposting toilets
bulletautomatic or sensored faucets or toilets in public restrooms
bullethigh efficiency Energy-Star rated dishwashers
Energy Efficiency
We use the following best management practices:
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property energy usage
bulletTrack overall energy bills and establish baseline energy usage
bulletHave had an energy audit to identify efficiency opportunities
bulletUse lighting sensors to turn on/off lights
bulletUse occupancy sensors to turn on/off lights
bulletUse high efficiency compact fluorescent light bulbs in rooms, canned lighting or wherever possible
Heating and Cooling
bulletRegularly perform preventative maintenance on HVAC system
bulletHave programmable thermostats for each room and ensure they are properly adjusted
bulletHave installed additional insulation
Energy Efficiency:
bulletUse Energy Star's Benchmarking Tool for the Hospitality Industry
Linen Service and Laundry:
We use these best management practices:
bulletProvide optional linen service - Change linens only upon request
bulletTrain staff on the process for optional linen service
bulletUse non-phosphate, non-toxic and biodegradable laundry detergents
bulletMinimize the use of bleach and chlorinated chemicals
Green Events
We use the following best management practices:
Our Innovative Ideas and Specifics regarding Green Events:
bulletAll sales, catering, and banquet managers are certified in Marriott's Green Meetings.
Measurable Results
Based on an energy and gas usage analysis of the property, we achieved a 5% decrease in electricity and gas usage in 2010. Window renovations were completed in November of 2008 and roof renovations were completed in July of 2009.