Loews Annapolis Hotel
126 West Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
Central Maryland
Loews Hotels is committed to being environmentally responsible and will make steady, measured progr
Management and Leadership
We use the following best management practices:
bulletEnvironment Policy Statement
bulletEnvironmental Team: Hotel maintains in house Green Team to ensure an ongoing effort to enhance our efforts in being environmentally friendly. Meetings held on monthly basis. Members are cross-section of line employees and management
bulletWe have a purchasing policy to encourage the purchase of environmentally-friendly products and services
bulletList of our environmentally friendly products and services: Sustainable seafood from Atlantic U.S. Waters preferred. Support local business whenever possible to reduce carbon footprint - Bakeries, Local produce (in season), Local/East Coast Cheeses. Diligent inventory of all materials maintained - avoid over-ordering, reduce waste, decrease delivery frequency to reduce carbon footprint. Ingredients/Goods bought in bulk to reduce packaging where feasible. Keany Produce Company - Local produce preferred (in season) to reduce carbon footprint, Keany delivery vehicles all now low-sulfur fuel vehicles. Cintas Uniform Corporation – uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles. Local Winery/Brewery products used whenever possible. Signs on Banquet bars describe Loews Sustainable/Organic Wines
Waste Reduction
We use the following best management practices:
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property waste
bulletTrack overall waste bills and established baseline data for quantity of wastes produced
Guest Rooms
bulletInstruct housekeeping to save and reuse unopened items
Kitchen and Prep / Dining / Catering / Meetings and Events / Campground Snack Bar
bulletUse effective food inventory control to minimize waste
bulletPurchase locally grown produce and other foods
bulletPurchase organic foods
bulletPurchase sustainably grown foods
bulletDo not use polystyrene coffee cups
bulletUse reusable dishware and glassware and minimize use of disposables
bulletUse non-bleached napkins and coffee filters
bulletUse screen-based ordering systems
bulletUse bulk soap dispensers in public restrooms
bulletUse high-efficiency hand-dryers
Registration / Office
bulletUse electronic correspondence and forms
bulletPurchase from vendors and service providers with a commitment to the environment
bulletEncourage suppliers to minimize packaging and other waste materials
Buildings and Grounds
bulletPurchase durable equipment and furniture
Our Innovative Ideas and Specifics in Waste Reduction:
bulletUsable & gently-used amenities donated to local charities to reduce landfill volume. Usable Lost & Found donated to local charities to reduce landfill volume. Usable Staff Uniforms no longer in service donated to local shelters
Recycling Containers in Public Space. Recycling containers for registration tables. Green Linen Policy (bed linen & terry) statement in guestrooms
We are recycling:
bulletAluminium Cans
bulletOffice Paper
bulletPrinter and copy machine toner cartridges
bulletSteel Cans
Water Conservation
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property water usage
bulletDiscourage water-based cleanup, ie. sweep first
Use or installed the following devices:
bulletlow flow restrictors on faucets and showerheads
bulletlow flow toilets (1.6 gpf or less)
bulletwaterless urinals
bulletcomposting toilets
bulletautomatic or sensored faucets or toilets in public restrooms
bullethigh efficiency Energy-Star rated dishwashers
Energy Efficiency
We use the following best management practices:
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property energy usage
bulletTrack overall energy bills and establish baseline energy usage
bulletHave a numeric goal to reduce energy usage over time
bulletHave had an energy audit to identify efficiency opportunities
bulletHave an energy management system in place to track and meter energy usage
bulletDesigned use of natural lighting
bulletUse lighting sensors to turn on/off lights
bulletUse occupancy sensors to turn on/off lights
bulletUse high efficiency compact fluorescent light bulbs in rooms, canned lighting or wherever possible
Heating and Cooling
bulletHave programmable thermostats for each room and ensure they are properly adjusted
Our Innovative Ideas and Specifics in Energy Conservation and Efficiency
bulletEnergy Audit/Energy Reduction Project conducted. Recommendations implemented June 2009: Lighting - Linear Fluorescent, Air Conditioning Controllers, Equipment (Electrical) Controllers, Lighting - Re-lamping of areas. June/July 2009 kWh reduction 4.02% versus same June/July 2008. Area Lighting turned off when not in use. Light Circuits re-aligned where applicable to allow turning off. Natural light substituted for electrical light when available. Motion sensor lighting used in areas where applicable. Timer lighting used where applicable (timers adjusted seasonally). Energy Management System used to control HVAC. Meeting & Public Space, Outlets, Office/Storage Space. HVAC/Electricity reduced/shut down in areas during low occupancy. Computers/Office Machines/Equipment turned off when not in use (end of day). Motion Sensor hand dryers in Public Restrooms.
Linen Service and Laundry:
We use these best management practices:
bulletProvide optional linen service - Change linens only upon request
bulletTrain staff on the process for optional linen service
bulletMinimize the use of bleach and chlorinated chemicals
bulletUse an ozone laundry system that greatly minimizes need for detergents and saves water
Our Innovative Ideas and Specifics for Laundry and Linen Service:
bulletNutek Ozone Laundry System: 100% Biodegradable. Non-Invasive Ozone Delivery. More effective than Chlorine Bleach. System virtually eliminates need for Hot water (exception Food & Beverage Linens). Incorporates pure Ozone/Corona discharge generating system - acts as catalyst to chemicals (replacing the need for heat), Opens weave of the fabric (allows easier/more thorough rinsing, reduces drying time). Pre Ozone Hot Water Times: Sheet = 30 minutes w/ 10 minute cool down, Towels = 45 minutes with 10 minute cool down. Ozone Washing w/ Nutek: Sheet = 16 minutes w/ 5 minute cool down, Towels = 23 minutes w/ 5 minute cool down.
Recycle Grease
We use the following best management practices:
bulletHave a contract with grease filtering company that takes the grease away
Minimize Disposable Food Service Items
We use the following best management practices:
bulletUse compostable foodservice items and collect such items for composting or direct this material to available composting operations in your area
Green Events
We use the following best management practices:
bulletSupport event planners who want to hold green events
bulletActivities we undertake to make our events green are:Banquet/Meeting Recycling Practiced - Items are separated by Banquet Staff for proper disposal, Recycling Containers in Public Space, Recycling containers for registration tables
Measurable Results
Paper Retriever Paper Recycling Program, 4th Quarter Results, 2009. 4th Quarter hotel has recycled 763.08 pounds of paper (office, newspaper, magazines, etc), .38 tons. YTD Savings amounts to 43317.12 KWH energy saved. YTD 10.56 tons recycled verse 5.33 tons last year. YTD 31.68 cubic yards saved from landfill deposit