Holiday Inn-Gaithersburg
Two Montgomery Village Ave
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Capital Region
The B. F. Saul Company Hotel Division is committed to the sustainability of our environment. We will
Management and Leadership
We use the following best management practices:
bullet Environment Policy Statement:
bulletEnvironmental Team: Each hotel will establish "Green Teams" with representation from all departments. A Green Team Champion will be selected to lead Our Big Green Conservation meetings and Green Team members. The Green Team Champion should have responsibility for: (1) Leading the implementation of new programs, (2) Ensuring environmental objectives are set, (3) Encouraging team member participation, (4) Compiling and communicating environmental results, and, (5) Conducting Our Big Green Conservation Meetings. The Green Team committee representative's role in Our Big Green Conservation Meetings is to: (1) Represent their department at the meetings, (2) Set a positive example concerning conservation resources, (3) Assist in setting goals and actions for our conservation initiative, (4) Work with the Green Team to achieve Green Team goals, (5) Help identify solutions to environmental issues, and, (6) Review and discuss appropriate suggestions from team members. "Green Teams" are encouraged to develop a brief statement explaining why the team exists and how it will contribute to the overall goals of the hotels conservation efforts. Green Teams will establish team codes of conduct. The codes of conduct establish ground rules the team is expected to abide by. Codes of conduct are important to convey the team expectations, attendance, preparedness and participation. Our Big Green Conservation Meetings should be held monthly and not last more than 1 hour. Department managers are encouraged to attend on a periodic basis. At each monthly meeting, Green Team members should report how their departments are performing and report any areas for improvement in other departments.
bulletSet Annual Goals: Green Team members will review the Our Big Green Conservation Review with the Green Team Champion to familiarize themselves with the conservation review. The review is broken down by specific departmental responsibilities. Upon completion of Our Big Green Conservation Review the results will be shared with the Green Team. The results needing actions will be discussed. Documented meeting minutes are required and should be kept on file with the Green Team Champion, General Manager, Chief Engineer and Human Resource Director. A recommended Our Big Green Meeting Agenda Outline is listed below. An Action Plan worksheet can be found in excel format; Our Big Green Conservation Green Team Action Plan. The Green Team is encouraged to present an Our Big Green Conservation update at monthly All Team Member Meetings. Success measurements for properties conservation efforts will be tracked utilizing Our Big Green Review scores, Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager, monthly utility statements in comparison to previous year’s history, recycling tonnage reports and certification levels.
bulletWe have a purchasing policy to encourage the purchase of environmentally-friendly products and services
bulletList of our environmentally friendly products and services: Whenever a function is designated a "Green Meeting" designated signage must be in plain sight of all attendees and the following standards are must be followed without exception: (1) Function space lights and air conditioning consumption will be used as sparingly as possible, (2) Any printed literature distributed will: (a) Have expanded margins for greater print area, (b) Be printed on both sides of the paper, (3) Note paper will be made available in bulk at the back of the room; not at each place setting, (4) Recycling containers will be located in and around the function space, (5) Filtered water will be available, bottled water will not be served, (6) All items will be served in bulk; limiting the amount of packaging necessary, (7) White boards will be utilized instead of paper flip charts whenever possible, (8) NO Styrofoam products will be utilized, (9) Any pre-convention meetings hosted to review event details will be paperless, and , (10) Serve locally grown products when possible
Waste Reduction
We use the following best management practices:
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property waste
bulletTrack overall waste bills and established baseline data for quantity of wastes produced
Guest Rooms
bulletInstruct housekeeping to save and reuse unopened items
Kitchen and Prep / Dining / Catering / Meetings and Events / Campground Snack Bar
bulletUse an effective food inventory control to minimize waste
bulletPurchase locally grown produce and other foods
bulletPurchase organic foods
bulletPurchase sustainably grown foods
bulletDo not use polystyrene coffee cups
bulletProvide condiments, cream and sugar, etc. in bulk
bulletUse water pitches and filtered water to minimize the use of single-use bottles
bulletUse menus and table placards as opportunity to communicate green activities
bulletUse bulk soap dispensers in public restrooms
Registration / Office
bulletUse electronic correspondence and forms
bulletPurchase from vendors and service providers with a commitment to the environment
bulletEncourage suppliers to minimize packaging and other waste materials
bulletMake 2-sided copies / printed materials and avoid making extra copies
Buildings and Grounds
bulletUse green cleaning chemicals
bulletDispense cleaning agents in bulk to reduce quantities used
bulletUse latex paints that are low or no-VOC
bulletProperly recycle and/or dispose of thinners and solvents - required by EPA-RCRA regulations
bulletPerform preventative maintenance on all appliances, HVAC systems, plumbing, and vehicles
bulletUse less toxic materials
bulletUse integrated pest management - IPM
bulletMinimize use of pesticides and herbicides in landscaping
We have recycling bins in the meeting spaces and corridors. Each guest room has a blue recycling bin.
We are recycling:
bulletAluminium Cans
bulletElectronics equipment
bulletFluorescent Lamps
bulletOffice Paper
bulletAllied Waste
Water Conservation
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property water usage
bulletTrack water bills and established baseline data on water usage and wastewater generation
bulletHave a numeric goal to reduce water consumption over time
bulletPerform preventative maintenance to stop drips and leaks
Use or installed the following devices:
bulletlow flow restrictors on faucets and showerheads
bulletlow flow toilets (1.6 gpf or less)
bulletwaterless urinals
bulletcomposting toilets
bulletautomatic or sensored faucets or toilets in public restrooms
bullethigh efficiency Energy-Star rated dishwashers
Have an effective landscape management plan which utilizes:
bulletdrought tolerant species
bulletrain gauges
bulletminimizes lawn areas
Energy Efficiency
We use the following best management practices:
bulletHave a plan in place to reduce property energy usage
bulletTrack overall energy bills and establish baseline energy usage
bulletHave a numeric goal to reduce energy usage over time
bulletHave had an energy audit to identify efficiency opportunities
bulletHave an energy management system in place to track and meter energy usage
bulletDesigned use of natural lighting
bulletUse occupancy sensors to turn on/off lights
bulletUse high efficiency compact fluorescent light bulbs in rooms, canned lighting or wherever possible
bulletUse high efficiency fluorescent ballasts and lamps - T-5's & T-8's
bulletUse LED Exit Signs
Heating and Cooling
bulletHave installed programmable thermostats for each room
Linen Service and Laundry:
We use these best management practices:
bulletProvide optional linen service - Change linens only upon request
bulletTrain house cleaners on the process for optional linen service
bulletMinimize the use of bleach and chlorinated chemicals
Green Events
We use the following best management practices:
bulletSupport event planners who want to hold green events
bulletInclude information on Green Events / Weddings / Meetings / Conferences in our marketing materials
bulletTrain all staff event planners on green event techniques
Measurable Results
The installation of low flow toilets reduced our cost per room in water usage from $1.77 to $1.68.